Batman minimal / Hand Painted Jeans Vest

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Each jacket is painted to a person´s wishes. I am open to any new challenges and I think that anything is possible. I never make two identical ones, so every finished piece is totally unique.

YOUR TWO OPTIONS: To keep this project´s original idea – I paint and remake already existing pieces of clothing or baby clothes, so if you want your jacket painted (or other type of clothing) you have 2 options:

  • You want a “new” jacket – means I will get one by myself. It will most likely come from a second-hand store or something similar. In this case, availability is limited. Such jackets are not mass produced, so finding the perfect one is a matter of chance and luck. Nothing, however, is impossible, and I would do my best to find the perfect one.
  • You want to improve a jacket – meaning you already have your own jacket which has been lying in the dust of your closet for months and just needs a to be refreshed. In this case you send it to me and I´ll remake it according to your wishes.

TIP: if you use the second option you will automatically get 10% off the price.

The price depends on the type of painting. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

The price takes into account the amount of material, the time that takes me to make it, as well as other costs. The final price can be decided upon after a discussion. The production time is usually about one or two weeks, but is variable, depending on how pressing my schedule is. 

Free shipping to Slovakia. Ask for shipping to your country.


  • 40°
  • “hand washing” program
  • Contrariwise


Ironing is recommended through a towel or a thinner cloth, never directly on a painting. Alternatively, you can iron on the opposite side.

But you can be sure that every jacket is washed and ironed by myself before giving to you.

If you like my work do not be affraid to contact me.