About me

What do you find here?

    This site is a place of diversity and creativity, of one person for all of you. Yes, also for YOU, dear newcomer. This is a place where a traveler, a future bride, a fan of recycling, a unique fashion lover, a sentimental soul, or any everyday person can visit. Where eyes can see inspiration, where ideas are born, where fantasies go from ideas to being real. All one needs is the inspiration.

    Inspiration can be found in the pictures of my previous portfolio or in my short blogs (my other passion). I love creating new things!

Who am I and how did this happen?

    My name is also the name of the site. I´m 25 and I come from a lovely village, Nitrianske Pravno. Basically, my life has always been a tricky mixture of wrong and right decisions. These brought me to high school and a college, where I focused on economics (after 5 years of crying on the inside I finished last year). Well, most of my free time I spent sitting at a table. But mine was quite different from everyone else´s. I didn´t learn Math or make any study cases that were expected from a student of economics. During my studies, all my free time was invested in creating. It didn´t matter what I was creating. They used to ask me, “What do you want to do after school?” My answer was always the same.

    People never understood why I was studying Economics. Well, I believe that there is a reason for every decision we make, or for every step taken. But even when life shows you a way to go, it doesn´t mean you have to keep walking that way. A person can change a lot in 5 years, we are constantly growing, especially in our way of thinking. Then we learn that the most important thing is doing what we truly love, what makes us feel happy and what fills our lives with joy. That´s worth more than all the degrees a person can achieve at school. I look forward to every single day I can create. I enjoy being somebody’s inspiration. I appreciate the interest in the art I create. I´m happy I chose to walk my own path, the way to the left, my creative way, the way I always dreamed about.

What will I create for you?

    Creating things has always been close to my heart. After years spent working at a desk, a dream job was born from a leisure time hobby. Such as a personality evolves, I evolved my production. I´m currently invested in 3 different projects. The first project is called “Over seven hills “where I make painted travel maps, the second one is “Deal with nature” – recycling old clothing and other used items and the third one is called “Marry you anyway” where I create wedding accessories and other details. I am mainly focused on these three projects, but of course I occasionally do other projects as well.

Contact me

    If you like anything from my production, please don´t hesitate to contact me. I´ll be very glad to answer any possible questions.

    Thank you for visiting! Romi